About The Chi-est Design:  

Our designs are by QueZac. Our store name came from a childhood friend that is no longer with us. The shop was created in his honor to help represent what Chicago is all about.

The CHI-Guy & She's CHI Collection is made up of people who are from Chicago or have had a connection to our beautiful city. 

QueZac is an artist, a creator, his one of a kind CHI Collection and many other collections will be released here on his website. His designs are walking art pieces that you can purchase exclusively here. Get them while they are available. Cheers!

About The Chi-est Beauty: 

The products are by Nancy. This space embraces natural beauty. Our skincare line focuses on bringing out our clients best skin, so they are able to take on their day with confidence. We use little to zero preservatives making our products perfect for all skin types. It is especially fabulous for sensitive skin, individuals with eczema, and matured skin. Our products restores PH levels that assist in keeping skin healthy. Our skincare has anti aging properties that keep the skin illuminated and radiant. We make small batches as they are ordered to keep product fresh for our clients. 

Born & Raised in Chicago,

The Chi-est Part of Town has been a long-time coming.
Our Ideas, Creativity and Products are derived from the Love we have for 
Our City, Our People and Our Family.
We work hard and we Love to have fun, 
And cannot wait to share with 
Our Neighbors, The World and The Universe.
We hope you enjoy,


-The Chi-est Part of Town


Art by: Audri Carrasco