Let's get your camera ready with our luxurious handmade spa quality face masks!

These mud masks were created to deeply cleanse and purify the pores. They will unclog your pores, remove dirt and impurities, absorb excess oil, remove the build up of dead skin cells. Your skin tone and overall appearance will improve leaving your skin smooth, soft, glowing. By using a mask on a regular basis your sking will be toned, hydrating and other beneficial products you use will perform even better.

Applying a face mask on a regular basis (1-3 times weekly) will deep clean your skin, improve the appearance of your skin and improve your overall skin regime. Relax and pamper yourself for 15 minutes or multitask while you have your mask on! Either way, your skin will thank you!

What's included in the Facial Mask Kit
* Activated Charcoal
* Matcha Goodness
*Tumeric Beetroot Powder

Directions: Mix mask with enough liquid or carrier oil to form a paste. Apply directly to clean skin. Avoid eye and lip area. Leave mask on until dry. Use warm water to gently remove the mask. Follow use with moisturizer or serum. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Do not use metal bowl or spoon to mix or apply clay masks.

* Some redness after a clay mask application may occur. This is because clay brings blood to the surface of your skin while it’s absorbing the impurities. It may help to remove your face mask before it actually becomes dry and flaky. Typically, the redness should subside within 30 minutes. Clay Masks should never painful or cause a burning sensation. *

Ideas to try out with our face mask:
• Mix clay mask with water
• Mix clay mask with apple cider vinegar
• Mix clay mask with yogurt
• Mix clay mask with milk
• Apply mask to body and/or feet

All orders received prior to 4pm CST are shipped on the same day. Orders received after 4pm CST are shipped the next day.

*We currently do not process any refunds or exchanges. Please contact me within 14 days of purchase, if you have any issues with your item. Customer satisfaction is top priority.

Thank you for supporting our small business.
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