Anti-Aging Rosewater Face Cream 

Feel whisked away to a calming rose garden with our nourishing cream. Soothe dry, dull tired skin with the essence of rosewater and prepare to feel totally pampered. Designed for dry dull skin for an extra boost of moisture. Our face cream is gently and delicately scented with the fresh aroma of rose. This rich but lightweight cream feels absolutely luxurious to apply. Goes on smoothly and instantly leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. Rosewater makes up the entire water content of this product. A romantic scent and smooth feeling for a truly relaxing product to use. Versatile use as an all-day cream or a specialty night cream. Pair with our Rosewater Mist for added benefits.

Our product is vegan, cruelty free with no added phthalates, no added parabens, and no added gluten.

Directions for use as facial cream:
Moisturize your face and neck with cream every morning and/or night, after you cleanse and tone. Always moisturize your face and neck in upward motions. Moisturizing is important for all skin types. In every step of skin care, always use circular, upward motions with a gentle touch on your face. Don't help gravity by tugging down on your skin, and remember that the skin on your face loves you, so you should love it.

Directions for use as body cream:
Apply to entire body as often as needed throughout the day to hydrate and nourish the skin. Pay special attention to hands, feet, elbows, and any other area of your body that is prone to dry skin.

Our cream is loaded with superstar Ingredients like: Rose Flower Water, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Organic Neem Seed Oil, Organic Rosemary Leaf Extract.

Pair with our Rose Water Mist for added benefits. Rosewater helps to maintain the skin's pH balance and also helps control excess oil. Has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the redness of irritated skin, get rid of acne, dermatitis and eczema. Rose water helps to hydrate, revitalize and moisturize the skin. Due to its antibacterial properties, rose water is also said to aid in healing scars, cuts and wounds. The antioxidant properties of rose water help strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissue. The beautiful aroma of roses is a powerful mood enhancer. Rose water helps aging skin, keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

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Full list of ingredients: Rose Flower Water, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Emulsifying Wax, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Witch Hazel Water, Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Organic Neem Seed Oil, Organic Rosemary Leaf Extract, Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic White Willow Bark Extract, Organic Alcohol, Alcohol, Xanthan Gum, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate. 

Anti-Aging Rosewater Face Cream

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